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BDP Brand Ambassador - Meet Duke

Duke - Big Dog Plaid Brand Ambassador

It's not every day we get to meet a royal pup, let alone have them on our team of awesome and adorable Brand Ambassadors! So when Duke (of the West End) and his momma reached out to Big Dog Plaid, we welcomed them aboard with open arms!

Introducing 115-pound ladies-man... Duke!

Duke the Newfoundland Wearing Big Dog Plaid Red Buffalo Plaid Bandana

Name: AKC name: "Paragon's Noble Newfie" Call name: "Duke"

Nicknames: D, DMoney, DukeoftheWestEnd

Breed: Newfoundland

Age: 18 months old

Weight: ~115 lbs. I am the smallest of all my brothers :-/

Neck Size: 25 inches 

From: Boston, MA!

Character: I am a charmer if I do say so! No, but actually. I love to meet every person and dog that I pass. I am as affectionate and playful as I am outgoing. I also am extremely proud and like to prance around the house and park with my toys. I also am a little bit of a pest when it comes to the ladies, I often try to leave the park with them...

Favorites: I LOVE to swim, people say its hard to swim with me though, because I try to rescue them. I also love going on various outdoor adventures with my family. Sticking my head out of the car window when we are driving <45mph is a dream.

A Fun Fact or 2 about Duke: My great grandfather, Josh, won the Westminster Kennel Club Dog show in 2004. Sometimes I pretend I am as handsome as he was- although I don't have nearly as many blue ribbons! My dad makes me homemade treats with a dehydrator, I love fruit, fish, and meat.  

Why does Duke (and his momma) like Big Dog Plaid? We think the quality is superb! The attention to detail is unmatched and we are so happy to work with Alyssa (the owner) and be a part of her brand so early on!

Want to see more of Duke? Follow him on Instagram here

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