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BDP Brand Ambassador - Meet Earl

Earl the Swissy Brand Ambassador


We're obviously big fans of Bernese Mountain Dogs around these parts, but when it comes to Swiss dogs of all breeds - we don't discriminate! That's why when Earl's momma reached out to us about her beautiful Greater Swiss Mountain Dog boy being a Brand Ambassador, we jumped at the opportunity (kind of like how Earl is jumping in the picture above!)

Greater Swiss Mountain dogs are similar to Bernese Mountain Dogs in their coloring and markings, but the biggest differences are their size (Swissys are generally bigger than Berners), and their coats (Swissy's have signature short-hair coats). You can check out the full AKC rundown on Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs here, or you could just meet one in person - Meet Earl!

Name: Earl

Nicknames: Early, Booger/Boog

Breed: Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Age: 14 months

Weight: 130 lbs (for now) 

Neck Size: About 25" (for now)

From: New Hampshire, USA

Character: Earl is the happiest dog I have ever met. He is always wagging his tail and looks as if he is smiling. He is also very needy, he needs to be with you, and he needs you to be petting him at all times. He is also big love, he's extremely sweet and gentle. 

Earl the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Favorites: Earl loves his little stuffed hedgehog. He won it at a dog show, and now he takes it everywhere with him, at night time when he sleeps in his crate, and every morning he makes sure to take it out of his crate with him. He will even take it outside and hold it in his mouth while he goes potty. He doesn't chew his hedge hog friend, he is careful not to destroy him.

A Fun Fact About Earl: Earl is from the Czech Republic, and came to America when he was five months old! He even has his own little passport. It took him a few months to understand English. Earl is also a show dog and is currently working towards his championship title! He is making Mom & Dad proud!

Why do Earl (and his momma!) like Big Dog Plaid? We love Big Dog Plaid because it is impossible to find bandanas that fit Earl's big neck! Big Dog Plaid makes Earl stylish! We love all the different prints and fabrics used for the bandanas and the collars. They basically fit and look custom made for Earl. But we also love that Big Dog Plaid gives back - we are huge fans of the Wounded Warrior Project and love that Big Dog Plaid has a bandana where part of the proceeds go to Wounded Warrior Project!


Want to see more of Earl? Follow him on Instagram with the hashtag #EarltheSwissy.

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