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BDP Brand Ambassador - Meet Lucy

Brand Ambassador Lucy the Bernese Mountain Dog


We're a little embarrassed to admit it... but up until now, all of our BDP Brand Ambassadors have been boys! 

So when Lucy and her momma reached out to us, asking to join the squad, we happily accepted!

Lucy is a sweet girl who lives in Belgium (and posts some pretty awesome photos and Instagram stories!) Learn more about our first female Brand Ambassador below:

Name: Lucy Van de Samaika (Officialy it's Qlucy because she's a purebread dog with a family tree and her name had to start with a Q)

Nicknames: Loespoes, Prutser (troublemaker) and Dikke (fatty)

Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog

Age: 1 year old (born on 21/08/2017)

Weight: 38 kilograms / 85 pounds

Neck Size: 56 cm /22 inches

From (where do you live?): We live in Antwerp, Belgium!

Character (What is her personality like?): She's just the sweetest bear who loves cuddles, walks and attention. She's very friendly to all dogs (she just wants to play).  But she's also a troublemaker (stealing shoes and other laundry and then chewing on it). 

Favorites (What does she like to do, eat, etc?): she just loves all food! But mostly she loves bullysticks and the icepops we make for her.

A Fun Fact or 2 about Lucy: 

- Lucy was the biggest pup in the litter! She was bigger than the males and nobody wanted her because of that.

- She can't lie on her back for 2 minutes without sneezing.

Why do Lucy (and her momma!) like Big Dog Plaid?  We love that you actually have two when you buy one! We also loooooooove the size, can't stress this enough and the handles at the back are so easy to tie! Keep up the good work!

Want to see more of Lucy? Follow her on Instagram at @Lucy_theflufbernese.

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