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BDP Brand Ambassadors - Meet MAC & Bodie

Big Dog Plaid Brand Ambassadors - MAC & Bodie

We couldn't be happier to report that we've expanded our Berner army here at Big Dog Plaid. (As well as our Canadian brand ambassador army!) But before we get too deep into our daydreams of world domination, introducing our newest brand ambassadors, or "ambassadogs" as their momma cleverly said... MAC & Bodie!

Names: MAC and Bodie

Nicknames: MAC- Big MAC, MAC Attack; Bodie- Baby Bodie, Bode

Breed: Bernese Mountain Dogs

Age: MAC just turned 7, Bodie is 2

Bernese Mountain Dog Birthday

Weight: MAC is 130 pounds and Bodie is 95 pounds

Neck Size: MAC's neck is 24 inches and Bodie's is 22 inches

From: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Character: MAC is usually serious and we call him the No Fun Police, Bodie is a smiley clown. 

Favorites: They love food, walking, snuggling, and sleeping.

A Fun Fact or 2 about MAC and Bodie: MAC is a pet therapy dog with PALS, known as "The Joy Agent," and Bodie always has to lay under the table and is a really social guy. People LOVE them!

Why do MAC and Bodie (and their momma) like Big Dog Plaid? We love Big Dog Plaid because the bandanas are high quality, they fit big guys properly and they come in amazing patterns...we love anything double sided!!!!!!

Want to see more of MAC and Bodie? Follow them on Instagram here

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