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BDP Brand Ambassador - Meet Mack

Mack the Saint Bernard

When most people think "big dog," there's a handful of breeds that come to mind, and "Saint Bernard" is definitely one of them! In fact, when we're walking our dog, Georgie (who is a Bernnese Mountain Dog), about 95% of the time people will come up to us and say, "Oh, is that a Saint Bernard?"

One thing is for sure, Saint Bernard means BIG, which is just one of the MANY reasons we were so happy to welcome Mack to the Big Dog Plaid Brand Ambassador team! Learn more about our newest ambassador below:

Name: Mack 

Nicknames: Moose, Moosey

Breed: Saint Bernard

Age: 1 year

Weight: 120lbs (for now) 

Neck Size: About 26" (for now)

From: Mendon, Massachusetts

Character: Very lazy, cuddly, but loves the dog park. Has about an hour a day where he has the energy of a lab. Doesn't bark unless something is threatening his family. His family calls him "happy Eeyore" because of how clumsy and floppy he is. (Side note: took him 3 months to learn how to go up and down stairs because of how uncoordinated he is). 

Favorites: Loves to go to the dog park, or dog camp! Best treat is cheese, or fresh bacon. Loves to cuddle on Sunday morning with Momma, Daddy and his sissy. 

A Fun Fact or 2 about Mack: Originally from a show dog family down in Indiana. He's the runt (even though his Dad maxed out at 195) He has never licked anyone's face, instead he loves to give Eskimo kisses and touches his nose to your nose but he loves to give hugs. Mack and his daddy share the same birthday! 

Want to see more of Mack? Follow him on Instagram here!

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  • Hi Alyssa, nice to meet Mack,he is a handsome ambassador for BDP!


    Amy Zhang

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