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BDP Brand Ambassador - Meet Rudy!

Meet Rudy - Big Dog Plaid Brand Ambassador

We consider ourselves a true community of big dogs and their owners at Big Dog Plaid. So, when Rudy, a sweet 2 year old Yellow Lab, and his owner reached out to us through a referral from their friend Clyde the Bully, we happily welcomed them to the family!

Rudy's mom came to us voicing the struggles that we have heard from so many other big dog parents - between Rudy's 22 inch neck and their love for small businesses, it was basically a Brand Ambassador match made-in-heaven.

Introducing... Rudy!

Rudy Wearing Big Dog Plaid's Anchors Aweigh Bandana

Name: Rudy

Nicknames: Roodle, Tootie

Breed: Yellow Lab Retriever 

Age: 2 years (birthday is Oct 8th, 2014)

Weight: 98 pounds

Neck Size: 22 inches 

From: NJ

Character: Goofy, lovable 

Favorites: Rudy loves to play fetch at the dog park and run around our 3 acre yard. He loves all types of chewing toys, especially bully sticks and nylon bones. His favorite thing to do is eat...and he eats anything from chicken to bacon and anything in between! 

A Fun Fact or 2 about Rudy: Rudy, although is a purebred from a breeder, is actually a rescue. He was surrendered to us by a family who could no longer care for him. Rudy hates water, especially baths! He's also a big brother to another rescue, Harley.

Why does Rudy (and his momma) like Big Dog Plaid? We love BDP because the owner (Alyssa) is very nice and personable. We also love the quality of the bandanas. They are super soft and snuggly. They also fit Rudy's large neck which makes me super happy. And our favorite print is plaid! So it's a win-win.

Want to see more of Rudy? Follow Rudy and his little brother Harley on Instagram here

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