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BDP Brand Ambassador - Meet Sven!

Meet Sven - Big Dog Plaid Brand Ambassador

At Big Dog Plaid, we love big dogs. Like reallyyyy love them -- the bigger the better! So when 140-pound, fluffy, adorable Sven and his mom reached out to us back in February after discovering BDP on Instagram, we jumped at the chance to welcome them to the Ambassador family!

So without further ado, meet our Great Pyrenees brand ambassador: Sven!

Sven the Great Pyrenees

Name: Sven

Nicknames: Svenie

Breed: Great Pyrenees

Age: 15 months

Weight: 140 pounds

Neck Size: 25 inches

From: Nashville, TN

Character: Sven is a big goofball. He loves to entertain himself by flinging toys around and and being silly. He also has a very sweet and loving side. He loves to snuggle and be right where you are and will physically put his paw on your shoulder when he knows you're upset. He is awesome!

Favorites: Sven is a big fan of the dog park, shopping, and food. We spend our weekends at the dog park and typically have to make a stop at one of our favorite dog bakeries on the way home. He loves being outside!

A Fun Fact or 2 about Sven: Sven is over 130 pounds, but is a HUGE scaredy cat. Sven does this thing we call a "pyr paw" and he actively uses his paw to pull you towards him and things like that which is pretty unique for a dog.

Why does Sven (and his momma) like Big Dog Plaid? We LOVE that there is FINALLY a product that Sven can wear that fits. The reversibility is a great feature as well as being able to throw it in the wash when the fur takes over or he gets too slobbery!

Follow Sven and his adventures on Instagram here 

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