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The Story of the Traveling Berner Bandana

A few months ago, Suzy, who is mom to Sherman the Berner and founded the incredible Instagram community @bernerforum, reached out me with an idea:

What if we created a "traveling bandana," like "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and launched it on a journey to all of our Berner friends and family around the world? 

After a few excited conversations, the idea was in motion - I would create a bandana (in signature plaid, of course, with a fun reversible "travel" print), Suzy would help orchestrate the signups and logistics, and we would both promote the journey on social media. 

In November 2017, the #TravelingBernerBandana was in motion!

The journey kicked off close to home, with my pup, Georgie (@georgiebeartheberner). We took a weekend trip up to Santa Barbara, California, where Georgie had the honor of being the first Berner to rock the TBB. 

Georgie wearing the Traveling Berner Bandana in Santa Barbara

Before we passed the bandana along, we also took a few pictures in our home town of San Diego, California, in historic Balboa Park - a 1200 acre public park home to museums, gardens and the famous San Diego Zoo.

Georgie wearing the Traveling Berner Bandana in Balboa Park San DiegoGeorgie posing with a bronze statue of Kate Sessions, who is said to be the "Mother of Balboa Park."

Since we visited the park around the holidays, we snapped a picture of Georgie in front of this unique Christmas tree in front of the Old Globe Theatre. Each year, the Old Globe puts on a production of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" - it's a San Diego tradition! 

Georgie wearing the Traveling Berner Bandana at the Old Globe Theatre

After we had our fun with the bandana, we sent it over to the projects co-founders, Suzy and Sherman (@callmeshermanbmd) in State College, Pennsylvania. Also known as the home of Penn State University! 

So of course, Sherman wore the TBB to the historic Nittany Lion Shrine on campus. The Nittany Lion is the Penn State mascot, although there hasn't been a documented mountain lion sighting in "Happy Valley" since the late 1800s. (Bears are welcome though! Especially ones as handsome as Sherman.) 

Sherman wearing the Traveling Berner Bandana at the Nittany Lion Shrine

Sherman also took the bandana to the Neff Round Barn in Centre Hall. Built in 1910, it’s made of white pine and sits on a limestone foundation, all 6000 square feet of it. It's Central Pennsylvania’s most photographed barn.

Sherman wearing the Traveling Berner Bandana at Neff Barn

After spending some time on the East Coast, the #TravelingBernerBandana made its way back west... all the way to Seattle, Washington!

Eiger (@swisskissberner) was the first Seattle-based Berner to show the bandana around town. So of course he took it to one of the city's landmarks - The Seattle Space Needle.

Eiger wearing the Traveling Berner Bandana in Seattle

Built in 1962 for the World's Fair, the Space Needle is one of the world's most iconic architectural feats of its time. Eiger spent his day with the bandana lounging fountain-side with stellar views of the Space Needle (and getting lots of compliments!)

Next Eiger passed the bandana to fellow Seattle-native, June (@missjunewaffles), our first girl Berner to share the #TravelingBernerBandana! Miss June wore the bandana out for a night on the town Pike Place Market, another Seattle mainstay.

June wearing the Traveling Berner Bandana in Pike Place Market "The market is alive and bustling with amazing smells and thousands of people everyday. At night the market is magical with all the smells and lights and the history of this great city."

From Seattle, the bandana traveled back east to New York City to Gambit (@berner_gambit). Gambit proudly showed the bandana around NYC, making stops at legendary landmarks like Times Square, 30 Rockefeller Plaze, and of course, Central Park!

 Gambit Wearing the Traveling Berner Bandana in Times Squara

Gambit Wearing the Traveling Berner Bandana in New York City

"The next stop for my travel bandana was the Rockefeller center! Now at this time of the year is all decorated for Christmas 🎄! Do you know that the light's wire, if stretched it would go for 5 miles!!?"

Gambit Wearing the Traveling Berner Bandana in Central Park

Gambit was kind enough to pass the bandana off to Jasper (@jasperberner), who lives just across the way in New Jersey. Jasper rounded out the bandanas time in the Big Apple by taking it to two more famous spots: The Statue of Liberty, and a beautiful shot of the iconic New York Skyline. You'd never guess these pictures weren't actually taken in New York!

Jasper Berner Instagram Account

Jasper Wearing the Traveling Berner Bandana in NYC

"I took the #travelingbernerbandana to see the #statueofliberty ! She faces the harbor to welcome everyone as they arrive by boat - so we get her back side. In #newjersey we say that's because we "have her back."

After a great trip in New York and New Jersey, the bandana headed overseas for the first time to Paula (@paulatheberner) in... Berlin, Germany!

Paula the Berner

Traveling Berner Bandana in Berlin, Germany

The Berlin countryside certainly is beautiful! And the food isn't too bad either, according to Paula. 

Next, the #TBB made its way to Kisa (@aliemey.paws) in Belgium!

Kisa wasted no time showing the bandana all over Belgium, including a stop at the Parc du Cinquantenaire or Park of the Fiftieth Anniversary, which is a large public, urban parc famous for his beautiful Triumphal Arch. According to Kisa, "This Arch was build in commemoration of the #50thanniversary of the Belgian Independence."

Kisa with the Traveling Berner Bandana in Belgium

Kisa also shared this beautiful picture with us of her at "The Lion's Mound of Waterloo." This spot is known because it was here the emperor Napoléon Bonaparte was defeated, securing peace at the time for Europe. "The lion’s mouth is open, roaring towards defeated France, and his regal paw rests on a cannonball."

Kisa at Waterloo

We also loved this shot that Kisa shared with us from just outside the European Commission - Berlaymont building:

Kisa in Brussels
"Beautiful #rainbow 🌈 crosswalk, because Brussels/Belgium is a #gayfriendly place!
Did you know that on 1 June 2003 Belgium became the 2nd country in the world 🌍 to legalise same-sex marriage 👬 & 👭, after the Netherlands! 🤓"

Kisa has a lot of pride for her home country! But she happily passed the bandana off to fellow Belgium-Berner, Mia (@mia.the.berner). Mia took the #TravelingBernerBandana to the romantic village of Bruges, the “Venice of the North.” Apparently Mia was quite taken by the idyllic little bridges throughout the town, where she was quite the celebrity! 

Mia the Berner in Bruges

 Mia also took the bandana to a few other landmarks, including the majestic Tillegem Castle, with four squared corners and an actual moat!

Mia the Berner at Tillegem Castle

Next, Mia passed the #TBB to our THIRD Belgium berner, Kamiel (@kamiel_thebmd). Kamiel's nickname is "King of the Woods," and after seeing all his pictures with the bandana, we can see why!

Kamiel the Berner

Kamiel wore the bandana to explore Fortje, which is his favorite park and only 1km away from his home! The bandana didn't stay dry for long in Kamiel's paws... plus he managed to make another four-legged friend! (Sadly we don't make bandanas for horses... yet!)

Kamiel the Berner in Belgium

Kamiel Meets a Horse

Next, the bandana headed to Holland to our friends Beer and Boef (@nynkehorstman). Unfortunately there's just one #TBB so they had to share it between the two of them, but it looks like it was no problem!

Beer & Boef the Berners in Holland

These 2 brothers showed off many of the Netherlands' signature items in the photo above, calling Holland "The country with a lot of bicycles and where the wonderful tulip fields growing. The country with the color orange, when our King celebrate his birthday, or when our soccer team is playing for championship (🤣 kidding). And don’t forget the yellow clogs..."

Beer & Boef also showed us several of Holland's beautiful watermills AND windmills that the country is so well-known for!

Traveling Berner Bandana in Holland

Traveling Berner Bandana in Holland

Traveling Berner Bandana in Holland

From the Netherlands, the bandana traveled to Io (@io_thespacebernerin the U.K. who showed the bandana around Liverpool... Including to a crew of very famous musicians. Liverpool is well-known for being the hometown of The Beatles.

Traveling Berner Bandana in Liverpool

Traveling Berner Bandana in Liverpool

Io graciously sent the bandana along to a brand new continent - Australia!

Our friend Herman (@hermanmunsterberner) was the first "Berner down under" to show the bandana the sights in its new land. 


That's our latest update for now, but don't worry - the #TravelingBernerBandana journey is still going strong! You can follow the bandana's journey by searching the hashtag on Instagram.

Did YOU host the #TravelingBernerBandana and want a fun keepsake to remember your adventure by? Or maybe you just love the plaid and want to have a version of the #TBB for your very own? Good news - we just created a Commemorative Traveling Berner Bandana, for sale in our shop now!



  • How can my Berner host the Traveling Berner Bandana? We live in upstate NY?

    Sara Tse
  • Send it to me in Calgary, Alberta, Canada!!! I would love to do this with my Berner’s Bauer and Blaze!!!


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