BIG DOG PLAID IS CLOSING! Thank you all so much for your support over the last 5 years <3 We will be clearing out all inventory with deep discounts + free shipping until May 31, when we will be donating all remaining items to shelters.

Our Story


Our Story

Big Dog Plaid was founded in January 2017 with one goal: to create high-quality bandanas and collars that fit and flatter big breed dogs.

We created BDP out of our own experiences. As the parents of a big dog, we quickly discovered the struggles of finding quality accessories that fit and function well.

Georgie with his parents at 3 months old

The first collar we ever bought for Georgie as a puppy, he grew out of within a few months. When we went to reorder in a larger size, the company didn’t carry one big enough to fit him (and he was only 7 months old at that point!)

That was the first experience of many where we struggled to outfit our pup.

From there, the frustrations continued: we watched him snap and fray chest harnesses, we struggled to find durable collars, and we failed altogether at finding seasonal or festive wear that fit. One time at a pet store, we bought a plaid blanket intended for small dogs for him to use as a lopsided bandana because it was the only thing that fit!

And so many times, we’ve gone online to shop for a cute new collar or bandana, and have been disappointed to see that even the “large” or "extra large" sizes wouldn’t fit around his neck.

And the more we asked around, the more we found other big dog parents who were experiencing the same problems.

There are a many reasons we have a big dog -- Georgie’s gentle spirit, beautiful stature and general dopiness are just a few of them, but one thing is for sure: big dogs are the best dogs. And they deserve collars and bandanas that fit them, uniquely, and don’t get lost in their neck fur (or “floof,” as we have come to call Georgie’s ruff).

At Big Dog Plaid, our continuous goal is to create quality bandanas and collars for big breeds, that are strong enough to stand up to their day-to-day and will fit their extra large and lovable necks.

And if you have any questions for us, just ask.

Alyssa Austin is the founder of Big Dog Plaid and mom to @georgiebeartheberner. She is also the founder of the women's confidence development platform, Poised & Professional.